International Women’s Day

Monday, 19th March

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« Always being prepared, fixing the make up,Training, a little bit more. 

Taking care of myself while avoiding the constant judgement.
I have learned during my life, during my career as a dancer, that criticism was constantly present, and inevitable, especially if you are a woman.

The quest for perfection is my daily life. Elusive but inevitable.

At the cabaret, we enter another universe. The universe of the night, show, party, burlesque…
Welcome to my world.

 I put on my shoes, my suit, my cap, I enter another skin. My second skin. As an extension of myself. I become mistress of my body and grace.

The public comes to enjoy the champagne while admiring my naked body, but above all, the achievement of a haunting artistic performance.

I am lucky to be able to live in this universe that fills me with happiness everyday.

I am lucky to be able to live from my passion.

To live with the pleasure given to people and the happiness they send me back.

Those nights, when I go on stage, that moment when the music starts and I feel my heart speeds up, then, just then, nothing counts. The superfluous criticism do not reach me anymore. I am the woman I want to be. Although I get naked in front of you, I smile and I will never feel stronger than at this moment.

Thanks to my passion for the show, the dance, the cabaret, this mysterious and delicious world, I stand before you without artifice, without frills. I stand naked. And I have never felt so beautiful.


I am a mother.

I am a sister.

I am a passionate.

I am a woman.

I am cabaret dancer.”


On Monday took place our video shooting on the occasion of the international women’s day. If you did not see it, we invite you to watch it by following this link!

The two new dancers Katrin and Amélie as well as the oldest Lucie, Jessica, Alona and Marta agreed to play the game during the shooting, and showed us other facets of themselves: playful, laughing, dynamic, tender , all with a similar story but lived differently.

They offered their faces to the message that we absolutely wanted to deliver on this International Women’s Day: criticisms, reproaches, value judgments, we all receive them, in different ways. The path they have traveled is proof that with determination, a touch of will and a hint of relentlessness, we skip and achieve our goals.

This day is originally a fight to defend women’s rights. Today, it’s even more than that: the women’s movement is changing, evolving and becoming more and more heard around the world. As we see especially now in the artistic community.

We also thank Heroe, a freelance songwriter and artist who inspired by these daily experiences, fervent defenders of human and moral rights.

Mademoiselle French Cancan

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