French Cancan Workshop

Monday, 19th March

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As you may know, one of the Parisian Cabarets specialties, especially at the Paradis Latin, is the fabulous French Cancan.  The French Cancan appeared for the first time in London in 1868. After several years, this dance has been exported to Paris and become famous in public and private balls very quickly. During the 19th Century, authorities prohibited it because the dance was judged too erotic. Indeed, French Cancan was supposed to excites English people by the evocation of the French sexual liberty. At this period, women were not allowed to expose themselves this way, with petticoats and split panties.

Fortunately, this custom gradually became allowed and is now represented freely in many places. French Cancan is internationally known and really difficult to dance because it needs a lot of flexibility and training to perform acrobatics.

Lucky you! Paradis Latin offers to teach you French Cancan in a small groups for half an afternoon, on the stage of the Cabaret: dance, “froufrous”, screams, heels for the bravest and a comfort cocktail after the effort! The class is led by the troop captain Vanina, the talented dancer Marta, as well as the choreographer Marie-Laure. 

Today, we find our adventurers this last Friday. A group of Brazilian women came to try the experiment and showed us a real dynamism. Accustomed to samba, the French Cancan was a real challenge that they raised, unsurprisingly, with ease!

Between 1 scream, 2 laughs, 3 strides, 4 small jumps, the girls finished the Cancan experience on champagne cocktail offered by Paradis Latin, and left with a smile and a diploma in hand.

Our futures sessions: 19th April & 30rd May


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