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The backstage of Paradis Latin

Behind the scenes

Who has never dreamed of sneaking behind the scenes of a legendary cabaret, feeling the atmosphere before the show, and observing the artists before their performance? Six days a week, a thrilling show “L’Oiseau Paradis” is played at Paradis Latin. The show was choreographed and directed by Kamel Ouali. Daily rehearsals, physical training, concentration and team cohesion: a lot is needed to make each performance unique and perfect. Without revealing all the secrets of our artists, here is a dive into the backstage of Paradis Latin.

Behind the scenes in figures

cabaret backstage rehearsals


The number of (mini) rehearsals to prepare for the evening performance. There are also longer rehearsals for the maintenance of the show or for other events. Some weeks are lightened, with a single 4-hour rehearsal, while others are punctuated by several training sessions of varying length.

cabaret backstage make up

30 minutes

The make-up time needed for the girls... Compared to only 5 minutes for the boys ! The artists make up themselves, always before the warm-up, and during the show as soon as the occasion arises for small touch-ups or a powdering. Each artist has their own ritual: the hairstyle first, or the complexion, the eyes... But all of them make up their lips at the end.

backstage cabaret costumes

more than 500

The number of costumes, wigs, hats, shoes, jewelry and various accessories that are used for the show. Costume changes are sometimes very quick: only tens seconds when the artists perform several consecutive scenes!

cabaret backstage changement costume


The number of artists managed by a dresser. The dresser is in charge of preparing the costumes before the show, so the changes can be done quickly. The costumes are placed on the dancer's chair, stacked and arranged in chronological order. After the show, the costumes are inventoried and the hand washing of the precious fabrics is planned. A seamstress is also in charge of repairing the damaged costumes (fallen sequins, tears...) every day.

backstage parisian cabaret

The Paradis Latin troupe: a large family united by the cabaret

Music, laughter, singing, encouragement: the excitement in the dressing room of Paradis Latin before a performance proves the benevolence, mutual aid and harmony that reign in the troupe. This ritual, when everyone talks about their day, confides in each other, massages to relieve muscular tension and motivates each other for abdomen/buttock sessions, enables the artists to relax together, before going on the stage in a state of maximum concentration!

Sometimes the show doesn’t go as planned: falls, issues with a costume, dancers who can’t get changed within the allotted time, injuries or sets that get stuck… But as the famous saying goes, the show must go on! Each performance is a success thanks to the professionalism and solidarity of the team. The Paradis Latin is a great and beautiful family, where everyone meets before and after the show, and where the love and passion for cabaret is omnipresent.

From now on, you know almost everything about the backstage of Paradis Latin, but like Michelin-starred chefs, a Parisian cabaret will never reveal all its secrets!