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The poster of Paradis Latin

Poster of the current show and former posters

The Paradis Latin takes you back in time with this gallery of posters of its shows. Enjoy the typical aesthetics of the 80’s or fell in love with the vintage charm of our retro posters from the Belle Époque.

Posters of our current shows

poster l'oiseau paradis latin

L'Oiseau Paradis

Stage direction and choreography by Kamel Ouali

poster mon premier cabaret paradis latin

Mon premier Cabaret

Stage direction and choreography by Kamel Ouali

Posters of our former shows

poster iris mittenaere l'oiseau paradis latin
L'Oiseau Paradis
poster paradis à la folie paradis latin
Paradis à la Folie

by Christian Dura

poster paradis d'amour paradis latin
Paradis d'Amour

by Christian Dura

poster viva paradis latin
Viva Paradis

by Philippe Rondest

poster hello paradis latin
Hello Paradis

by Christian Dura

poster champagne paradis latin

by Christian Dura

poster paradisiac paradis latin

by Francis Morane

poster nuit de paradis latin
Nuit de Paradis

by Jean-Marie Rivière

poster paris paradis latin
Paris Paradis

by Jean-Marie Rivière

Vintage posters Belle Époque

vintage poster cabaret paradis latin
end of the XIXᵉ century
Paradis Latin
vintage poster paradis latin cabaret
end of the XIXᵉ century
Paradis Latin
poster retro cabaret show

The golden age of billboard

The oldest cabaret posters, including those of Paradis Latin, date back to the 1890s. At that time, theater and advertising posters became an artistic genre in their own right.

The theater posters, which flourished on Morris columns and walls in Paris, were signed by painters and lithographers who are now famous. The names of Jules Chéret, considered the inventor of the modern poster, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec or Mucha are certainly not unknown to you. During their career as poster artists, they immortalized the stars of their time (the famous posters of the actress Sarah Bernhardt by Mucha), but also the moving bodies of cabaret dancers and singers (Yvette Guilbert or La Goulue by Toulouse-Lautrec).

Aimed to promote all kinds of exhibitions, events and shows, these retro posters have a characteristic graphic style that we now call “vintage”.