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Kamel Ouali

Stage director and choreographer of the shows of Paradis Latin

Kamel Ouali is in charge of the new shows of Paradis Latin, a mythical Parisian cabaret founded by Napoleon and rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. The most famous French choreographer has created colorful shows, and poetic stories. Be amazed and fly away with Kamel Ouali’s shows, “L’Oiseau Paradis” and “Mon Premier Cabaret”.

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Kamel Ouali, his background and latest news

Kamel Ouali was born in Paris in 1971. He began his career as a dancer, and then has become a choreographer and stage director. He was barely 18 years old when the producers of TF1 (a French TV channel) noticed his talent. His career has been marked by multiple artistic projects for entertainment and television.

In the 90s, Kamel Ouali collaborated with the group Latino Party, Sylvie Vartan, the singer Khaled and Elie Kakou. In the early 2000s, the musicals The Ten Commandments and Gone with the Wind that he choreographed were a huge success. During this period, he has also become popular among the general public with his role as a teacher in Star Academy (a French TV show).

In 2005, Kamel Ouali directed his first musical, Le Roi soleil and then created other shows: Cléopâtre, Pastorale et Dracula, L’amour plus fort que la mort. He was chosen to choreograph Le Grand Bal Masqué de Versailles, and played his own role as a teenage dancer in the movie Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone.

In 2019, Walter Butler, director of the Paradis Latin, chose him to create the new revue of the cabaret: “L’Oiseau Paradis”. Three years later, at the end of 2022, Kamel Ouali created “Mon premier Cabaret, an initiation show to cabaret for the whole family.

L’Oiseau Paradis and Mon premier Cabaret, the Kamel Ouali’s shows are currently playing at Paradis Latin.

Kamel Ouali and the Paradis Latin

Kamel Ouali accepted without hesitation to create a new show for the Paradis Latin, because it enabled him to go back to his first love: the cabaret. Indeed, twenty years ago, he was the choreographer of the show French Cancan at Folies Bergères.

I love the cabaret and its codes. I like, for example, the French Cancan which is part of our French heritage, like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

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Kamel Ouali has reinvigorated the Paradis Latin by creating an electrifying show. The show — inspired by the magic of Paradis Latin — tells the story of a waiter who dreams of going on stage and heading the bill. To pay tribute to those who work behind the scenes, Kamel Ouali has set up the scenery of his story where it is performed.

The Paradis Latin is a family place, some people have been working there for 40 years, especially among the waiters. It was an opportunity to put the spotlight onto them. I invented a story about one of them who dreams of going on stage. My main character, Marcel, was born that way.

He continued his momentum by creating “Mon premier Cabaret, a family show suitable for all ages.

kamel ouali l'oiseau paradis latin

Focus on “L’Oiseau Paradis”, a show by Kamel Ouali

“L’Oiseau Paradis” is a modern show in the tradition of cabaret. Its stage director, Kamel Ouali, takes “a contemporary look at the Parisian revues, while preserving the codes of the dinner show”.

About thirty artists perform on the stage, to the rhythm of new technologies, among exceptional stage sets. Dancers, creatures and singers are dressed with magnificent costumes designed by the prestigious Parisian fashion house On aura tout vu. The cosmopolitan troupe will take you into a real fairy tale and make you have a magical experience.

Inspired by the history of Paradis Latin, the oldest Parisian cabaret, the Kamel Ouali’s show mingles glamour and sensuality with poetry. The Paris lovers will be amazed. As soon as the doors of the cabaret open, the show of Kamel Ouali “draws the spectators into a surreal and surprising world to make them have a unique experience”.

Discover the Kamel Ouali's shows at Paradis Latin

Show L'Oiseau Paradis

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Show Mon premier Cabaret

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