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The hall of Paradis Latin

A mythical music hall in Paris

The hall of Paradis Latin has an elegance consecrated by History. First built by Napoleon at the early 19th century, then rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel in 1889, it is now a mythical music hall in Paris that belongs to the historical heritage of the French capital.

The different spaces of Paradis Latin

great hall paradis latin

The Great Hall

mezzanine paradis latin

The Mezzanine

bar klimt paradis latin

The Klimt bar

bar napoleon paradis latin

The Napoléon bar

private box paradis latin

The Private Box

Virtual tour of the hall

Enter the oldest cabaret in Paris. Enjoy a virtual tour of the legendary hall of Paradis Latin and its various spaces.

cabaret paris paradis latin

A place with historical charm

The history of Paradis Latin is exceptional! The place was initially a theater that had been built in 1802 at the request of Napoleon Bonaparte, and was inaugurated a year later under the name of Théâtre Latin. It burned down in 1870, during the war against the Prussians.

The theater was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century by Gustave Eiffel. The building is part of history since it stands on foundations of the twelfth century (the surrounding wall of Philippe-Auguste). Its structure is metallic, like the structure of the Eiffel Tower that the famous architect built at the same time.

The inauguration took place on Sunday, January 20, 1889: the Théâtre Latin has become the Paradis Latin!

Gustave Eiffel's cupola

The elegant architecture and the impressive volumes of the new hall of Paradis Latin are reminiscent of a cathedral. During the inauguration, they immediately catched the eyes of the visitors. The cupola over the hall made a great impression. On it, the words “Operetta”, “Ballet”, “Pantomime” and “Excentricities” could be read. From that time, the Paradis Latin has been a place of varied entertainment. Nearly a century later, this cupola will save from disappearance the Paradis Latin!

cupola paradis latin
history paradis latin hall draw

The hall from 1889 to 1930

After the inauguration, the Paradis Latin was full every evening. However, the early success did not last, and the Paradis Latin suffered from the beginning of the 20th century. The last registered occupant, an industrial specialized in pharmaceutical packaging, left the building in 1930.

Renovation of the hall in 1973

In 1973, Jean Kriegel, a real estate developer, bought the abandoned building. He had initially planned to convert it into apartments. While he was examining the place, he found remains of the former glory of Paradis Latin: Eiffel’s metallic structure, fragments of posters and pieces of scenery… Upon discovering the cupola, he was definitively charmed by the magic of the place. Intrigued and seduced by his finds, he undertook research that led him to Eiffel’s original plans. He decided to refurbish the Paradis Latin then!

The hall of Paradis Latin was faithfully renovated in accordance with the original plans. Ceiling height: seventeen meters. Ultra-modern equipment: 300 spotlights, countless kilometers of electric cables, 20,000 light bulbs and 70 off-hand blown Murano glass chandeliers. Only a few months were needed to set up the decor.

The official reopening took place on November 14, 1977 and was the rebirth of the Paradis Latin, now a mythical music hall in Paris!

hall paradis latin front entrance
hall paradis latin mosaics

The Paradis Latin now

At the end of 2018, Walter Butler acquired the Paradis Latin. At the same time as he launched a new show, he decided to completely renovate the place.

To make an allusion to the eras that have marked the history of Paradis Latin, two superb bars with Klimt and Napoleon mosaics were created on the mezzanine.

The private box, with a direct view on the stage and where small groups can attend the show in privacy, was also renovated.