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“On ira tous au Paradis”

The Paradis Latin told by its owner

The confession in words and images of the most legendary cabaret in Paris, told by the owner of the Paradis Latin, Walter Butler.

A moment of paradise

The history of the Paradis Latin is closely linked to that of Paris: the cabaret was erected by Napoleon in 1802 and then rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

Discover the events that have marked the history of the oldest of the great Parisian cabarets, a must-see place for parties and a performance hall that has become legendary, through the story of its owner.

At the end of 2018, the businessman Walter Butler bought the Paradis Latin and produced a new magazine accompanied by Kamel Ouali. The choreographer knew how to create a dazzling spectacle through his choreography, his sets, his costumes and his music. An international cast of artists and attractions animates the place, bringing modernity, sensuality and poetry while respecting the codes of cabaret.

On the catering side, new gourmet and gastronomic menus have been created by Chef Guy Savoy, crowned best restaurant in the world.

To top it all off, Walter Butler decided to completely renovate the dressing rooms and build majestic mosaics to adorn the two bars.

Finally, always in search of new challenges, the Paradis Latin is now launching a show for the whole family: “Mon Premier Cabaret”.

Find the full story in the book “On ira tous au Paradis”.

The Paradise deserved its book

This is the story of a cabaret wanted by Napoleon, which was slowly dying out and which the determination of a team has revived with its passions, by surrounding itself with the best craftsmen and artists.

It is also an encounter between a businessman and a great lady of metal and wood, stone and precious silks, who ends up possessing the heart of the one who possesses her.

The cabaret remains a revolutionary idea, where we bring together singing, dancing, the senses of touch and encounter.

A beautiful because fragile moment, where human beings in search of dreams meet the unbridled poetry of artists.

I believe walls have a story, I think places are charged with the souls that have passed through them.


In Paradis, the artisans of the divine

There are dreams that carry ambition at their heart. That of this book is to show the complexity of the creation of a new show with magical accents, to take you by the hand in order to lead you into the lair of a not trivial daily life: that unknown to the great cabaret family. .

I hope that this book will be able to show you the passion of hundreds of people who work day and night, seven days a week, to produce emotion, a host of images, too, to put a face to these enthusiasts without whom the dream would not exist.

This book is also the story of a businessman confronted with the brutality of his world and who wanted to rediscover the innocence of his childhood.

The story of someone who knew absolutely nothing about the world of entertainment and cabaret and who put all his energy into making Paradis Latin a setting where Birds of Paradise flourish every evening.

Walter Butler