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Cabaret Left Bank

The Paradis Latin, the only one cabaret on the Left Bank

The 5th arrondissement of Paris and its bustling center, the Latin Quarter, are home to many renowned cultural addresses. There is one to discover: the Paradis Latin, the only one cabaret on the Left Bank (the southern part of the city)… and also the oldest cabaret in the French capital!

cabaret left bank paris

The 5th arrondissement, the intellectual and cultural epicenter of Paris

Located on the Left Bank of the River Seine, the 5th arrondissement is mostly known for its student ebullience and its cultural wealth. In this district, you will find the famous Sorbonne University, prestigious high schools (Collège de France, Louis-le-Grand, Henri IV), museums (Musée de Cluny, Museum of Natural History, Insitut du Monde Arabe), and magnificent sites (the Panthéon, the Arènes de Lutèce).

There are also some good entertainment venues to attend a show in the 5th arrondissement, such as the Paradis Latin which is currently the only one cabaret of the Left Bank.

Discover the show L’Oiseau Paradis at the Paradis Latin, the only one cabaret on the Left Bank.

The Paradis Latin, the only one Left Bank cabaret to still be open

After the Second World War, small cabarets spread on the Left Bank, especially in the Latin Quarter and its surroundings, near Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Saint-Michel. An intellectual and bohemian atmosphere reigned in these places and in the district which hosted them.

At the time, the most famous cabarets of the Left Bank were Le Tabou, L’Écluse, La Rose Rouge, Le Quod Libet or L’Échelle de Jacob. They were called “caves à chansons” (chanson cellars), since singers of poetic or political lyrics performed on their tiny stages, hoping to make a name for themselves. The greatest French singers and songwriters made their debut there, such as Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Léo Ferré or Barbara. At the same time, the Left Bank cabarets also saw the emergence of a new form of theatrical and humorous performances, with the Frères Jacques or the mime Marceau.

Because of the advent of the yéyés and music industry in the 1960s, the cabarets of the Left Bank declined and were finally replaced by the cafés-théâtres and discotheques.

parisian cabaret left bank history

However, there is a cabaret that had preceded them: the Paradis Latin. Located in the Latin Quarter, in the heart of the 5th arrondissement, the Paradis Latin is the oldest cabaret in Paris and now the only one cabaret on the Left Bank.

Inaugurated in 1803 by Napoleon, its basement lounge where people from all social classes mingled was, at that time, an important place for Parisian social life. After being destroyed by a shelling during the Franco-Prussian war, the Paradis Latin was rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel and reopened in January 1889. The shows were great successes. The Paradis Latin became the leading cabaret of the Left Bank, but lost momentum in the early 20th century.

After a long hiatus, its reopening took place in 1977. Since then, the only one cabaret of the Left Bank has had one success after another with its shows that are alternately burlesque, poetic and sensual.

paris left bank cabaret show

Have an unforgettable moment at the cabaret of the Left Bank

When visiting the 5th arrondissement of Paris, come and discover the only cabaret on the Left Bank to enjoy an authentic and magical atmosphere.

The new show of the Paradis Latin, “L’Oiseau Paradis”, brilliantly modernizes the traditional cabaret. Created by the famous French choreographer Kamel Ouali, it is a poetic, funny and sensual show that will amaze you.