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The contemporary cabaret

Between modernity and tradition

Known for being the oldest cabaret in the French capital, the Paradis Latin also embodies modernity and elegance thanks to its thrilling show. It is part of a new trend that has been growing for over a decade: the contemporary cabarets that revisit the traditional revue.

contemporary cabaret paris

The advent of contemporary cabaret in France

Cabarets are still very popular today and the figures prove it! Whether in Paris or out of the French capital, new establishments open every year and the interest of the public remains intact.

A new kind of cabarets has been created for fifteen years. In these contemporary cabarets, the stories push forward characters who live in the today’s world. It becomes possible to talk about topical themes, in relation with current events. The performances reflect the society. Through the art of drag, the contemporary cabaret also pays tribute to famous personalities of our time (such as Lady Gaga).

The contemporary cabaret shows often include new technologies and digital technology in their staging, to offer new visual and sound experiences.

Experience L’Oiseau Paradis, a contemporary cabaret show, at the Paradis Latin.

The Paradis Latin, the oldest and most contemporary of Parisian cabarets

Thanks to its history, the Paradis Latin bears the marks of tradition and modernity. It was inaugurated in 1803 by Napoleon and rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, and people were immediately fascinated by its elegant architecture. The Paradis Latin experienced the golden age of the cabaret in the 19th century, and it is now the most illustrious of contemporary cabarets in Paris.

The building was completely renovated in 1977 according to the original plans of Gustave Eiffel. Its artistic director at the time turned it into a contemporary cabaret rooted in tradition, by programming burlesque and poetic shows. In 2019, a new sound system and new lighting were installed.

The Paradis Latin offers a show directed by Kamel Ouali, who is a perfect representative of this modern view. Entitled “L’Oiseau Paradis”, this show modernizes the traditional revues thanks to a timeless plot and new technologies. The show includes the projection mapping, a multimedia technique used to project images and animations onto 3D surfaces.

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video mapping contemporary cabaret paris
contemporary modern show paris

Experience the most modern of shows at the Paradis Latin

If you are looking for an evening in a contemporary cabaret in Paris, come and visit us to experience an unforgettable and colorful moment! With its thirty cosmopolitan artists from different backgrounds (classical, hip-hop, contemporary), our show “L’Oiseau Paradis” is a particularly modern show.

It pays tribute to the cabaret of yesteryear and integrates elements of the contemporary cabaret. For example, the French Cancan is first performed in a classical form, then in a more sensual version, and last in a techno version!

The new technologies take pride of place in the show, and spectacular performances (such as the aerial acts) punctuate the whole. Rhinestones, sequins and feathers are also on the show! You can choose our dinner-show if you want to fully enjoy the experience. The menus of the meal have been imagined by the Michelin-starred French chef Guy Savoy.