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Show in Paris today

Book a same day ticket, even at the last minute

If you are searching for a show in Paris today, or looking for last-minute ideas as to what to see, why not discover the must-see show of the moment, “L’Oiseau Paradis”? The performances take place any day but Tuesday in the oldest cabaret of the French capital: the Paradis Latin. Subject to availability, the booking of tickets can be done at the last minute and be ready immediately for the very day itself.

show in paris today last minute

A last minute booking for a show in Paris

Looking for a show in Paris today? Did you not have time to plan your evening? There is plenty to see in Paris, but unfortunately a last-minute booking is not always possible.

If you are searching for what to do or a show in Paris today, you may come and discover a poetic, funny and sensual show at the Paradis Latin, the pioneering music hall of Paris. You don’t need to wait – you can book a same day ticket for the evening show.

L’Oiseau Paradis, a spectacular show to see today at the Paradis Latin

“L’Oiseau Paradis”, a must-see, incredible show in Paris today

A good last minute idea to attend a show in Paris is the Paradis Latin. Founded in 1803 by Napoleon and rebuilt in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, the Paradis Latin is the oldest cabaret in Paris. This enchanting entertainment venue is enrobed with centuries of history and glamour, for an unforgettable experience like never before.

Tonight at the Paradis Latin is played the show “L’Oiseau Paradis”, that has been directed by the famous French choreographer Kamel Ouali. Over 500 costumes created by a prestigious fashion house, musical numbers with state-of-the-art stage lighting and sound systems, breathtaking acrobatics, electrifying choreography, and incredible stage sets elevate the most talented performers to the highest levels of artistic showmanship.

last minute show paris

The Paradis Latin, a privileged choice for a last minute show in Paris

The Paradis Latin welcomes you for a magical and grandiose show today. The booking of tickets can be done easily online on the official ticket office, even at the last minute.

Various tickets are available to attend the show today. You can choose a ticket for the show only, the show with drinks, or the dinner-show. If you choose the dinner-show, you will enjoy a pre-show and a fine meal imagined by Guy Savoy, a triple Michelin-starred chef who was several times named the”best restaurant in the world”. The pre-show meal will be followed by “L’Oiseau Paradis”. Throughout the evening, you will be mesmerized by the dynamic kicks, spins, and twists of this incredible show.


Book a ticket for today, and be mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the oldest Parisian cabaret.

Show L'Oiseau Paradis
Youth offer


Show L'Oiseau Paradis


Show L'Oiseau Paradis
+ glass of Champagne (or soft drinks)

Child (under 12 years old): 45€

Adult : 80€

Show L'Oiseau Paradis
+ half a bottle of Champagne

Adult : 95€

Show L'Oiseau Paradis
+ Lunch or Snack

Child (under 12 years old): from 45€

Adult : from 75€

Show L'Oiseau Paradis
+ Dinner

Child (under 12 years old): 65€

Adult : from 140€